Alex Magera

Graphic and Web designer started working in the field of design in the distant 1997. During this time, more than 500 projects have been made for clients from more than fifteen countries all over the world.


I began in the printing industry, so i know how to design and prepare designs for printing. Further i was fascinated by Web-design and i changed to change the way of my advance.

At the moment i am specializing in:
– Web-design;
– Website development;
– Graphic design;
– Branding.

I also develop modern interfaces for websites and apps. I like the illustration and typography very much.

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Illustrator (14 years)
Photoshop (14 years)
HTML/CSS (8 years)
Hand drawing (21 years)
Sketch (2 years)
InVision (2 years)
Zeplin (2 years)
Figma (1 year)

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Who i am?

I was born in 1983 in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. All my life i like to draw something, doesn’t matter what exactly, but always it was something new and exciting. Tons of notebooks was painted and thrown to trash. Many children do this way, but i always wants to made better. This why i decided to become a designer – to made world better! I have finished school with a mathematical bent, then i enter college on “Graphic Design”. It was cool time, since i was a student. Working in a small company gives me practical knowledge about design industry, teachers in college put a theoretical knowledge in my head and was improving me with traditional art. Such combination of studding and working play very important part in my life. I realized what i can do and i’m trying to do this better and better. I have bought my first computer – that is when i starting to work on web-design. First sites was made simply in notepad and was looks like a nightmare, but it gives me a basic knowledge about HTML and CSS. After college i was invited to work in collage as a teacher, but its not for me. So i decline this proposal. In this period i have dive deep in a world of freelance where i was feeling more comfortable.

What exactly i have made in my life?

“My Best Work isn’t done yet”! In this i’m sure on 100% Every day give us a chance to made something big, important and good. There some good things that i have done for now:

  • Successfully pass school with a mathematical bent with excellent grades.
  • Successfully pass college and got Specialist Degree Certificate in Graphic design (with rights of teaching).
  • Planted a tree, which is already 7 meters in height.
  • Took part in more than 500 design projects. Exactly number can be much bigger, but who count?
  • Create own design-studio “Universal Design” which growing day after day.
  • Married the most beautiful and good girl on Earth.
  • Taking part and getting winning prizes in design contests on ; &
  • Have a lot of clients all over the world.
  • Working since 1997 and getting years of design experience

and much more…

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